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Auto ShutDown XP Professional with Auto Login  v.2003

Auto ShutDown XP Professional ASD XP is the most advanced Auto ShutDown application on the market to date. The previous version of ASD was the first application of its kind to integrate unique functionality to give users complete control of

Auscomp Smart Login - German  v.5.0.2

Schnell & einfach: Auto-Login mit 448bit Verschl+-sselung f+-r MS IE.


Easy Login Assist  v.7.6

Easy Login Assist is an outstanding auto-login and privacy-manage software. It can help you to fill in login form automatically, protect and manage your privacy data safely. It is your good assistant on data security.Easy Login Assist Features: *


Quickly local and remote ShutDown Windows. Auto Login, Scheduled operation, Remote ShutDown, Batch shutdown, Password Protection, Hot Key, Running in Silent Mode, Executing application before taking action, Command line support, ShutDown/Restart

QuickLogin  v.3.0

QuickLogin is a password manager to store all your site passwords.Sites stored in QuickLogin can be launched in web browser and it will auto login using the stored username and password.

MySpace Browser

MySpace Browser is an amazing new web browser that makes it easier to use MySpace. The Myspace Enhanced Browser is full of many features. Features include auto-login, colorful comments, unpimp someone's profile, block flash, get on MySpace even if its

MySpace Booster

A must-have for active MySpace users, it provides auto-login, single-click access to all areas of MySpace including contact tables and hidden profile areas. It also provides a rich MySpace Comment generator complete with font formatting and smileys.

PowerTCP Telnet for .NET  v.4 2

Auto-login and option negotiation capabilities minimize coding Blocking reads are specifically designed for scripting applications Inherent multi-threading support for user-interactive applications Pty property can be set to any control derived fr

S10 Password Vault  v.4.0

S10 Password Vault lets you auto-login to any website/program with account info stored securely on your own PC. Small and simple windows, unlike other programs that often use large cluttered windows. No ugly browser toolbars either.

Easy HR XP Autologin  v.7 9

The Easy HR XP Auto Login application was designed to reset the registry key after each reboot to solve the problem.This application will make a single registry change, each time you run it. It sets the AUTOLOGIN registry setting to TRUE.

Internet Explorer Password Recovery Program  v.5.0.1

IE password recovery program restore all password form any website where auto login is enabled i.e. remember password option is selected and you are able automatically login to email account without entering your password.

MYweb4net Browser  v.

This tabbed, multiple-site browser can run in the system tray. It supports a pop-up killer, skinned frames, a form filler, auto-login,

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